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How businesses save money with Videoconferencing

Allowing staff to work remotely allows for more flexibility in telecommuters’ lives, connecting to the office remotely enables employees to work without common office distractions and generally makes them happier and more efficient. This is where the power of video conferencing comes in, as it allows all workers to have real-time, face-to-face interactions with your colleagues.  It allows people to feel part of the team with out having to waste their time sitting in traffic…

If you’re company is thinking about making the jump from commuting to videoconferencing below are some main reasons we’d advise doing it.

Videoconferencing gives you the ability to judge someone’s reactions by seeing their body language

Non-verbal communication is as important as what your co-workers are saying. With videoconferencing you’ll be able to see if the person you’re talking with is excited by, or put off by the discussion,.  This is something you can’t really gauge from traditional phone conferencing.

Videoconferencing Improves inter-state office relationships

It’s important being able to see your business partners and colleagues, ‘getting face time’ helps people get to know each other better.  Videoconferencing lets you get to know people on a more personal level than with a phone call. Most people tend to show more of their personality when they can see each other when speaking. People tend to feel closer to those they see on a regular basis. So if you’re working in a remote location or satellite office, videoconferencing is a way to make yourself seen and stay connected, which will result in an improved relationship with your colleagues.

Videoconferencing Saves Personal time

By using  video conferencing software you can avoid travelling long distances in order to attend meetings, you can use your home PC, mobile phone or tablet to connect. This means that you can save time, and also increase your productivity as you can work when you would otherwise be travelling. This will allow for increased value from remote workers, which could lead to better performance reviews and salary raises.

Videoconferencing Saves your bottom line

If your office has a number of remote workers who all need to meet on a regular basis to discuss projects, videoconferencing can help your company save money. Using video will mean the company will not need to pay for meeting rooms, transportation or accommodation. Videoconferencing lets you and your colleagues get face time, but from the comfort of your on home or anywhere else you’d like to work. As a remote worker, this represents the ultimate freedom – being able to work from wherever, whenever.

Videoconferencing enables you to do business, any time, anywhere

Need to meet with someone on a completely different time zone? Need to have an interview with a client in a different country? Does your firm need to provide client testimonial to a judge on the other side of the state or country? By using videoconferencing, you can easily do so without having to leave your house or office while still having the all important face-to-face needed.

Choosing the right video conferencing system to suit your business needs can be tricky. Video Conferencing Australia is here to help, call us on 1300 369 828 (Australia) or on 0800 450 278 (New Zealand) to speak with a videoconferencing expert today!   

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Connect the World with Video Conferencing

1. Video conferencing is everywhere

From boardrooms to iPhones, doing business face to face has never been easier or more affordable.  Gone are the days when video conferencing was reserved for the armed forces, government agencies or the multi-national corporations who were able to budget the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed. Today, video conferencing is cost effecting and extremely affordable for businesses of all sizes.  Even better, leasing of video conferencing equipment is now available allowing businesses on a budget to open their conference rooms to video with out the large upfront costs that can be associated with a full video conference system buy.

And additional excellent alternative to those seeking even lower-cost solutions is the option of Video Conferencing Software, products like LifeSize ClearSea can give employees and customers the ability to have HD video conference calls from any device they already paid for (i.e. PCs, iPads, mobile phones).  This versatile video conferencing software even has the ability to connect and control video conferencing hardware already purchased and installed. Video conferencing has become a necessity in wide range of fields including education, medical, scientific, ecology as well as progressive government agencies looking to save money on travel while being green friendly.

2. Video conferencing in Hospitals and Research Institutions

Major hospitals and research institutions across Australia and the world are now using video conferencing and web based conferencing (telemedicine) to communicate and coordinate better with fellow doctors sitting in other hospitals in other parts of the world. The ability to video conference instantly with colleagues thousands of kilometres away is helping save lives across Australia and the globe in case of disasters, epidemics or patients who require specialised guidance.

3. Video conference for Businesses

Corporations and business both large and small around the world are increasingly making use of video conferencing to increase their productivity and profits. Face to face meeting are now possible from virtually anywhere an internet connection can be established. This has proven beneficial in an unpredictable global economy and has helped companies reach their targeted goals in a shorter span of time.  Employees of all levels with in the organisations are most appreciative of the time saved by video conferencing instead of travelling.  At first glance it appears a “quick” 90min flight from Sydney to Melbourne seem fast and easy, but that is only the time spent actually airborne.  When you factor in the packing time, travel to and from each airport, taxi fares, accommodation and food; not only are valuable work hours lost but money and emotional travel stresses can really begin to add up.

4. Video conferencing for All

Video conferencing is not just meant for business’ large board rooms or specialised locked intranet requirements only; with the advent of lease-to-own video conference hardware, and desktop video conferencing software; the ability to connect and communicate has ventured into everyday companies workflow and is helping customers get in touch and talk to account managers directly.  By opening your business, regardless of size or budget, to the option of Video Conferencing you allowing the overall customer service experience to be more personal, pleasant and retain sales at a more productive rate, all the while lowering your bottom line.

If your business is seeking video conferencing hardware or software, please visit www.videoconferencingaustralia.com.auor call us toll free at 1300 369 829 and we can help determine the best system for you.

Is being green a reason to choose Video Conferencing?

Go Green with VideoGenerally companies have several criteria for choosing video conferencing as solution… usually as an after thought, though rather important, is that it’s “eco-friendly”.  Most small to mid-size businesses consider the following:

  • What can we save on travel/lost productivity? This figure is as easy on to calculate ( # of airfares to a conference; minus (-) a seat license for Room Conference or Mobile Conference; equals (=) a positive $ in savings to your bottom line. Productivity is harder to measure line by line, and may fall under someone else’s budget.  However some quick factors include: lost documents, personal fatigue do to air/car transport as well as general lack of focus that can occur when having to think about time, travel and arrangements on top of thinking about the meeting.
  • Will the Equipment work on my organisations network Something that only works behind the firewall won’t work if I have a distributed or mobile workforce. Lots of companies have learned this lesson the hard way. Several solutions are available, both in room and mobile. We have partnered with LifeSize certified technicians to assist.
  • What can people do with the Video Conferencing? If you are running team meetings, you may be able to use a less robust system, such as a Soft Phone of ClearSea mobile.  If you will be connecting to global locations for big-audience marketing webinars or high priority investor meetings, a room solution may work best. As a general video conferencing unit rule of thumb: form should follow function.
  • Oh, is Video Conferencing green…? There are multiple environmental advantages to conducting a ‘virtual’ face-to-face meeting: less travel (less flight & less time in traffic is less greenhouse gas emissions), reduced costs for printing meeting handouts (digital, cloud-based and screen sharing documents reduces waste and saves your printer) and other small yet noticeable savings to your bottom line.

Video Connected World

Not all video conferencing equipment is the same, and there is not a one solution fits all.  If you any questions on the right budget conferencing hardware to fit your business; visit us at: www.videoconferencingaustralia.com.au or call 1300 369 829.

Video Conferencing Australia is an exclusive low cost supplier of video conferencing and teleconferencing hardware in Australia. We are Australian based and proudly serve Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Alice Springs and Hobart as well as the whole of New Zealand.

Why Video Conferencing Right for Your Business

ImageAs HD video conferencing technology continues to improve and becomes less and less expensive (see our specials), there is an increasing push for businesses to integrate video conferencing. You may only be familiar with what video conferencing is by way of Skype or FaceTime, which are great options for personal use, but may not necessarily be secure for conducting business, and are usually limited to single parties.  You may be hesitant to upgrade your offices to include this video conferencing equipment without knowing how it could help you save time, money and lower your businesses carbon footprint. In order to assist you in choosing whether or not to purchase a video conferencing system for your business, take a moment to consider the following information and how it might apply to your business’ specific situation.

Better Communication Between Offices

If your business has multiple offices, you may be used to teleconferencing between offices,  or having regional meetings in which office managers have to travel to a specific location to take part. Often there will an itinerary which must be distributed, meaning it will have to be prepared before the meeting and e-mail’d beforehand… this means that you have to put a lot of extra preparation into your meetings, which ultimatly ends up costing you more time and money. Think of how much could be saved if you were able to have most of your meetings via video, with all parties connecting their offices (video room – via HD Video conferencing equipment), sitting at their desks (PC/Mac via Video Conferencing Software) or now even their mobile devices (iPad/iPhone/Android via LifeSize ClearSea) with all relevant information shared on the screen among all people at the different locations. Video conferencing can allow you to set up a video system just about anywhere people will take part in the conference, letting them see and hear the points raised by the other offices as well as any material that you choose to display within the meeting. All without travel or excessive preparation beforehand, each time the equipment is used it ends up paying for itself, in addition the your time and fossil fuels that are saved!

Dealing with Partners, Investors, Clients

ImageJust as video conferencing can assist your business with inter-office meetings and improve teleconferencing, it can also make dealing with business partners, investors, and client opportunities much easier. Especially if those parties are located off shore or have a business office that is in a different CBD than your own. By taking advantage of video conferencing you can discuss important business matters without having to schedule meetings and then arrange travel for you or your partners or investors. Not only will this save you time and allow you to have full access to your business materials, but it will also greatly save on the various expenses associated with travel, lodging, meals, etc…

The Future is already here

Another consideration that may influence your decision to incorporate video conferencing is that a large number of other businesses are already using this technology. The price of video conferencing equipment has been halved in recent years and continues to goes down, yet the quality of transmission continues to improve.  More and more companies are using this technology to handle meetings and day-to-day business, in this global business landscape it is truly a positive bottom line business desision. The likelihood will increase that you’ll be required to upgrade your current communication to keep in step and connected. By switching to video conferencing sooner rather than later, you can help to keep your business on the cutting edge and ensure that you will be able to meet the needs of your employees, partners, investors and clients without having to struggle to keep up later on.

For the best prices on Video Conferencing Equipment in Australia, visit www.videoconferencingaustralia.com.au order on-line 24/7 and live chat or call us on 1300 369 829 to discuss the best harware or software solution for your business.

About Video Conferencing Australia

ImageAustralian owned and operated, we proudly serve the Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide CBDs as well as all of regional Australia and the whole of New Zealand.

Video Conferencing Australia is an exclusive low cost supplier of video conferencing equipment in Australia. Since opening we have quickly become the preferred supplier of organisations seeking a high quality, low cost solution to their video conferencing hardware needs. We are a LifeSize certified partner, and work with LifeSize certified technical professionals to help you install and service your video conferencing equipment.

We have well-established relationships with local Australian video conferencing equipment suppliers and distributors; which enables us to bring you the Best possible pricing.  By purchasing locally with Video Conferencing Australia, you are able to ‘cut-out the middle man’ and get the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible price.