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Could your business benefit from video conferencing?

Consider today’s work flow and how video can expedite decision making, help you to communicate with more people, maintain employee engagement, facilitate training with disparate teams and more.


Who outside of my organisation can use this?

 The answer: anyone with whom you interact with. HD video collaboration replicates in-person meetings, so you can extend the technology to anyone, such as your supply chain, customers, partners and suppliers, just to name a few. With the invention of mobile and desktop video conferencing software solutions, you are now able to connect to anyone with a mobile phone, iPad, PC or Mac.

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Ask yourself:

Do you have remote or mobile users who need to communicate with others in meeting rooms?

Would your organisation benefit from the recording and streaming of meetings?

If the answer is Yes, contact us on 1300 369 829 to discuss a video conferencing solution for your business.  Save time, money and go green.

We offer videoconferencing solutions by LifeSizeAvaya Video and Aver.

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How businesses save money with Videoconferencing

Allowing staff to work remotely allows for more flexibility in telecommuters’ lives, connecting to the office remotely enables employees to work without common office distractions and generally makes them happier and more efficient. This is where the power of video conferencing comes in, as it allows all workers to have real-time, face-to-face interactions with your colleagues.  It allows people to feel part of the team with out having to waste their time sitting in traffic…

If you’re company is thinking about making the jump from commuting to videoconferencing below are some main reasons we’d advise doing it.

Videoconferencing gives you the ability to judge someone’s reactions by seeing their body language

Non-verbal communication is as important as what your co-workers are saying. With videoconferencing you’ll be able to see if the person you’re talking with is excited by, or put off by the discussion,.  This is something you can’t really gauge from traditional phone conferencing.

Videoconferencing Improves inter-state office relationships

It’s important being able to see your business partners and colleagues, ‘getting face time’ helps people get to know each other better.  Videoconferencing lets you get to know people on a more personal level than with a phone call. Most people tend to show more of their personality when they can see each other when speaking. People tend to feel closer to those they see on a regular basis. So if you’re working in a remote location or satellite office, videoconferencing is a way to make yourself seen and stay connected, which will result in an improved relationship with your colleagues.

Videoconferencing Saves Personal time

By using  video conferencing software you can avoid travelling long distances in order to attend meetings, you can use your home PC, mobile phone or tablet to connect. This means that you can save time, and also increase your productivity as you can work when you would otherwise be travelling. This will allow for increased value from remote workers, which could lead to better performance reviews and salary raises.

Videoconferencing Saves your bottom line

If your office has a number of remote workers who all need to meet on a regular basis to discuss projects, videoconferencing can help your company save money. Using video will mean the company will not need to pay for meeting rooms, transportation or accommodation. Videoconferencing lets you and your colleagues get face time, but from the comfort of your on home or anywhere else you’d like to work. As a remote worker, this represents the ultimate freedom – being able to work from wherever, whenever.

Videoconferencing enables you to do business, any time, anywhere

Need to meet with someone on a completely different time zone? Need to have an interview with a client in a different country? Does your firm need to provide client testimonial to a judge on the other side of the state or country? By using videoconferencing, you can easily do so without having to leave your house or office while still having the all important face-to-face needed.

Choosing the right video conferencing system to suit your business needs can be tricky. Video Conferencing Australia is here to help, call us on 1300 369 828 (Australia) or on 0800 450 278 (New Zealand) to speak with a videoconferencing expert today!   

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Video Conferencing Terms and Definitions

Video Conferencing (VC) is fast connecting people together for face-to-face meetings across the globe.  However, when tying to set up, connect or even discuss video conferencing options, the language and terms used can be challenge for those not in the IT department.

Below are list of commonly use video conferencing terms you’ll most likely come across on when engaged in a conversation regarding VC.  Their definitions are there to help better understand what your IT department or video conference equipment sales representative is talking about:

Endpoint: The physical camera equipment or software used to make a video connection. They can be in the form of a room based system, desktop client, or a mobile device.

Content Sharing: Showing your desktop or specific content such as power point presentation, word or excel documents, pictures etc.

Point to point call: Communication between two endpoints. This is in contrast to a multipoint call where there are three or more connections on the call.

Multipoint Call: Communication between 3 or more connections. Multipoint calls connect using either a hardware or a cloud based bridge.

Firewall Traversal: Technology that creates a secure path through the firewall. This enables traffic from an organisations internal network to internet at large.

Interoperability: The ability for systems to work together. With video this means different endpoints being able to connect together for a video call.

Room based systems: Portable or non-portable dedicated systems with all the required components for a video call. This usually includes a camera, codec, control computer and all electrical interfaces. Typically, microphones and a display will connect to the system as well.

Streaming: A Method of relaying data (video) over a computer network as a steady continuous stream, and allowing playback to proceed while subsequent data is being received.

H.323: A standard video protocol that manufacturers use that allow their systems to speak the same language. It controls audio and video signals, bandwidth, and call control.

SIP: A video protocol designed to enable the communication and connection of devices across networks. This is an older protocol that was designed more for closed systems that would ultimately connect via gateways to other closed systems.

Keep in mind that not all conferencing hardware is the same, if you need support in finding the right system to suit your business needs, please give us a call on 1300 369 829 or visit www.videoconferencingaustralia.com.au

Connect the World with Video Conferencing

1. Video conferencing is everywhere

From boardrooms to iPhones, doing business face to face has never been easier or more affordable.  Gone are the days when video conferencing was reserved for the armed forces, government agencies or the multi-national corporations who were able to budget the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed. Today, video conferencing is cost effecting and extremely affordable for businesses of all sizes.  Even better, leasing of video conferencing equipment is now available allowing businesses on a budget to open their conference rooms to video with out the large upfront costs that can be associated with a full video conference system buy.

And additional excellent alternative to those seeking even lower-cost solutions is the option of Video Conferencing Software, products like LifeSize ClearSea can give employees and customers the ability to have HD video conference calls from any device they already paid for (i.e. PCs, iPads, mobile phones).  This versatile video conferencing software even has the ability to connect and control video conferencing hardware already purchased and installed. Video conferencing has become a necessity in wide range of fields including education, medical, scientific, ecology as well as progressive government agencies looking to save money on travel while being green friendly.

2. Video conferencing in Hospitals and Research Institutions

Major hospitals and research institutions across Australia and the world are now using video conferencing and web based conferencing (telemedicine) to communicate and coordinate better with fellow doctors sitting in other hospitals in other parts of the world. The ability to video conference instantly with colleagues thousands of kilometres away is helping save lives across Australia and the globe in case of disasters, epidemics or patients who require specialised guidance.

3. Video conference for Businesses

Corporations and business both large and small around the world are increasingly making use of video conferencing to increase their productivity and profits. Face to face meeting are now possible from virtually anywhere an internet connection can be established. This has proven beneficial in an unpredictable global economy and has helped companies reach their targeted goals in a shorter span of time.  Employees of all levels with in the organisations are most appreciative of the time saved by video conferencing instead of travelling.  At first glance it appears a “quick” 90min flight from Sydney to Melbourne seem fast and easy, but that is only the time spent actually airborne.  When you factor in the packing time, travel to and from each airport, taxi fares, accommodation and food; not only are valuable work hours lost but money and emotional travel stresses can really begin to add up.

4. Video conferencing for All

Video conferencing is not just meant for business’ large board rooms or specialised locked intranet requirements only; with the advent of lease-to-own video conference hardware, and desktop video conferencing software; the ability to connect and communicate has ventured into everyday companies workflow and is helping customers get in touch and talk to account managers directly.  By opening your business, regardless of size or budget, to the option of Video Conferencing you allowing the overall customer service experience to be more personal, pleasant and retain sales at a more productive rate, all the while lowering your bottom line.

If your business is seeking video conferencing hardware or software, please visit www.videoconferencingaustralia.com.auor call us toll free at 1300 369 829 and we can help determine the best system for you.

Video Conferencing Australia launches lease to own packages

Today Video Conferencing Australia (VCA) launches lease to own video conferencing packages to our Australian customers.  Customers of Video Conferencing Australia can now be up and running for as little as $350 per month (ex GST).  With these simple video conferencing “all in one package” companies receive:

  • A fully installed video conferencing unit
  • A fully integrated commercial TV, wall, cart or stand mounted
  • Training, support and maintenance for 24 months
  • A free 3 months ClearSea mobility licence for all packages
  • All for 24 monthly charges over 24 months.

At the end of the lease to own period the customer takes ownership of the package and can either choose to renew the support or update their package to the newest video packages available on a new contract.

By taking away the sticker shock of big capital outlays VCA is allowing for small and medium enterprises to experience the advantages of video conferencing in a cost effective way, while ensuring their technology is properly delivered and supported.

VCA is proud to offer packages including the LifeSize and Aver video codec’s with the ability to have your unit wall mounted, stand mounted or on a mobile cart.  All delivered FREE to anywhere in Australia or NZ.

For details visit our website www.videoconferencingaustralia.com.au or call us on 1300 369 829.  For a limited time VCA is offering a free 3 month subscription to our hosted ClearSea™ mobility solution allowing customers to use their mobiles phone, tablet or PC/Mac as a virtual video conferencing unit.  This powerful mobility client allows for people to stay face to face from any device.

Call us for more information on our custom video conference leasing packages.  1300 269 829

Lease Video Conferencing Equipment

Lease Video Conferencing Equipment

How Video Conferencing Increases Business Productivity

How Can Video Conferencing Increase My Business’ Productivity? (Bonus: it’s now affordable, too.)

The days of video conferencing hardware being affordable only to ASX listed and gobal corporations has long past.  It is now more affordable than ever to buy and even self-install video conferencing equipment; in fact with the explosion of video conferencing software you can even conduct an HD video meeting via your iPad/iPhone or any Android device (see: LifeSize ClearSea for free trial). Video Conferencing is a tool that can be leveraged to gain huge increases in productivity and profitability regardless of the size of your business.

3 Ways Video Conferencing Boosts Business Productivity

(1) Sick Days

FluSeasonOften very costly to a company in several ways.  The lost productivity is the most obvious negative, however there is always that one co-worker who refuses to yield to the sickness and they drag around the office, hacking and sneezing… That’s when an entire office could experience an ‘outbreak.’  This can leave a company reeling, and a decline in productivity means a decrease in customer satisfaction and overall revenue; this is extremely dangerous for smaller businesses, whole departments could be off-line for days.

Video Conferencing enables employees to work from home and still conduct face to face meetings with there healthy co-workers. Employees can recover faster, without prolonging their illness by trying to come into work while they’re sick. (And if you’re suspect of there illness, for those less trustworthy in your employ, you can see ‘how they are doing’ first hand.)

(2) Travel and daily traffic

sydneytrafficWhether you work in the CBD of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or in the bush, all drive time, sitting in traffic and air time to fly to meetings in other CBD’s, is lost time and lost money.  Not only is it a productivity killer, but it also costs the company petrol, flights, hotels and parking fees.  Instead use video conferencing to eliminate unnecessary travel, this way you can still have a face to face meeting with your client.  Video conferencing may not replace all in-person meetings, sometimes you do need to actually be there, but at least you’ll have a cost effect alternative. In our experience video conferencing can be used to eliminate 30% or 40% of costly, inefficient and often times unnecessary travel.

(3) Personal Connections

video-conferencing-meetingHave you had a teleconference call not knowing at all what the people on the other end look like? Did you try to ‘Google’ or ‘FaceBook’ them prior? Were you every worried how they were reacting to what you’re saying to them?  Communications experts say 90% of what we say is non verbal.  People naturally create a closer connection to somebody they can hear AND see.  Video conferencing is a great way to create a lasting image with a customer or prospect, additionally you’ll be able to read their face to see if your pitch is working or if a change in strategy is needed to make the sale.

The bottom line is that Video conferencing helps you connect on a more personal level with clients and co-workers in other offices. It cuts travelling costs tremendously for your business, while doing your part to lower your carbon footprint.  Take a look at our Low cost Video Conferencing hardware and software that might fit your business.  If you have any questions on what system could work for you, we invite you to call us toll free on 1300 369 829 or Live Chat with us via the website.

Video Conferencing Australia ~ Budget Conferencing Equipment

10 Reasons to Use Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Equipmet in ActionVideoconferencing is a excellent way to supplement (not replace) face-to-face meetings.

Not all conferencing hardware is the same, if you need support in finding the right system to suit your business needs, please give us a call on 1300 369 829 (M-F 8am-5pm AEST) or email us.

Video conferencing has expanded beyond the room with Mobile video conferencing ClearSea on iPad, iPhone and Android phones/tablets.

Here is an adapted list of the top 10 reasons to choose Video Conferencing:

#10 Reliability: Hold your meeting regardless of weather, flight delays, or other “acts of God.”  Over the last few years, regardless of whether I was in Iceland, the Amazon, or on the Iraq border, I was always able to connect with the VSee team no matter where I was.

#9 Increase Productivity: Meet as much as you need to get the job done instead of only when you’re scheduled.  One of our large customers discovered that the average VSee call is only 10-15 min long while traditional scheduled meetings tend to be 45 minutes.  The reason is that with VSee, it’s so easy to bring someone into the conversation that there’s no pressure to fill up an hour to justify the scheduling overhead.

#8 Efficiency: Be in two places at the same time (or nearly at the same time)—Germany at 9 a.m., Japan at 2 p.m.  On my last day here in Singapore, I had six in-person meetings and it was exhausting.  At home, I routinely visit 10 to 15 places via VSee every day and still have energy to spare.

#7 Save Time: No need to wait for people to travel from the four corners of the earth to have an effective meeting.  Why are large companies slow to get things done?  Because decisions tend to get delayed waiting for meetings to happen.

#6 Improve Employee Morale: Let’s be honest:  A lot of traveling is tiring.  People need time to recover and they don’t always get to go to enjoyable places like Honolulu.  (Although sometimes they do.  I am writing this from Singapore, one of my favorite countries.)

#5 Save Money: Need I explain?  Plane tickets, parking fees, hotel costs, meals, rental car/taxi costs…multiply by the number of people traveling and the number of times per month.

#4 Tighter Security: Keep your trade secrets in-house.  Less chit chat outside the office means less opportunity for eavesdroppers.

#3 Improve Safety: Yes, this is kind of morbid, but I know parents who never travel on the same plane because of the possibility of a crash.

#2 Convenience: Easily add key personnel, interns, or a surprise speaker with the click of a button and at no added cost.  This impromptu ad-hoc collaboration style is one of the key design principles behind ClearSea.

#1 Increase Productivity: Did I mention this one already?  All of the above reasons added together means less time wasted on the road, less time wasted recovering from the road, and more time spent getting the job done, resolving unexpected problems, having more opportunities to meet with team members and build better working relationships, and making better decisions.

** For the BEST wholesale prices on video conferencing equipment in Australia visit www.videoconferencingaustralia.com.au


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