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Connect the World with Video Conferencing

1. Video conferencing is everywhere

From boardrooms to iPhones, doing business face to face has never been easier or more affordable.  Gone are the days when video conferencing was reserved for the armed forces, government agencies or the multi-national corporations who were able to budget the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed. Today, video conferencing is cost effecting and extremely affordable for businesses of all sizes.  Even better, leasing of video conferencing equipment is now available allowing businesses on a budget to open their conference rooms to video with out the large upfront costs that can be associated with a full video conference system buy.

And additional excellent alternative to those seeking even lower-cost solutions is the option of Video Conferencing Software, products like LifeSize ClearSea can give employees and customers the ability to have HD video conference calls from any device they already paid for (i.e. PCs, iPads, mobile phones).  This versatile video conferencing software even has the ability to connect and control video conferencing hardware already purchased and installed. Video conferencing has become a necessity in wide range of fields including education, medical, scientific, ecology as well as progressive government agencies looking to save money on travel while being green friendly.

2. Video conferencing in Hospitals and Research Institutions

Major hospitals and research institutions across Australia and the world are now using video conferencing and web based conferencing (telemedicine) to communicate and coordinate better with fellow doctors sitting in other hospitals in other parts of the world. The ability to video conference instantly with colleagues thousands of kilometres away is helping save lives across Australia and the globe in case of disasters, epidemics or patients who require specialised guidance.

3. Video conference for Businesses

Corporations and business both large and small around the world are increasingly making use of video conferencing to increase their productivity and profits. Face to face meeting are now possible from virtually anywhere an internet connection can be established. This has proven beneficial in an unpredictable global economy and has helped companies reach their targeted goals in a shorter span of time.  Employees of all levels with in the organisations are most appreciative of the time saved by video conferencing instead of travelling.  At first glance it appears a “quick” 90min flight from Sydney to Melbourne seem fast and easy, but that is only the time spent actually airborne.  When you factor in the packing time, travel to and from each airport, taxi fares, accommodation and food; not only are valuable work hours lost but money and emotional travel stresses can really begin to add up.

4. Video conferencing for All

Video conferencing is not just meant for business’ large board rooms or specialised locked intranet requirements only; with the advent of lease-to-own video conference hardware, and desktop video conferencing software; the ability to connect and communicate has ventured into everyday companies workflow and is helping customers get in touch and talk to account managers directly.  By opening your business, regardless of size or budget, to the option of Video Conferencing you allowing the overall customer service experience to be more personal, pleasant and retain sales at a more productive rate, all the while lowering your bottom line.

If your business is seeking video conferencing hardware or software, please visit www.videoconferencingaustralia.com.auor call us toll free at 1300 369 829 and we can help determine the best system for you.


I’ve got video conferencing equipment. Now What…?

Your company has purchased Video Conferencing Equipment, it is a great way to save time, money and the planet… But what do you do once you have the hardware? What are the best ways to use your new video conferencing equipment?

ClearSea Free Mobile Video Conferencing

1. If you purchased from us you will have access to Free Mobile Video Conferencing with ClearSea.  Allowing co-workers and clients to have a high quality video conference from their iPad, iPhone or any Android phone/tablet! (Also works on PC & Mac)

2. Depending on the video conferencing hardware you have, your device may be able to access others using Skype or MicroSoft Lync. The best example of this is the LifeSize UVC Multipoint (Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition)

Chorus Call Video Room

3. One of the lesser known services available as an alternative to travel is video conferencing room hire.  There are multiple video conferencing room hire locations throughout Australia that can connect your conference to most any where in the world.  We have partnered with Chorus Call Australia for this service. Their offices have video enabled board rooms that are listed on various local and international aggregator web sites, as well as promoted to all local community and customers.

With Australia suffering the “tyranny of distance” (Anyone who has done the LA or London flights knows exactly what I am talking about) the option of using high definition video conferencing is very attractive.

How much is Your Time Worth?

Lets look at the economics of the decisions:

Renting a site in Los Angeles will cost about $250 per hour, with the same cost here in Australia. Remember to always look for IP transmission capable rooms and the cost of transmission should be included in the cost of the room.   If your meeting goes for 2 hours, total incremental cost of the solution is $1000.  On the face of it this looks a bit expensive, but people forget to look at the opportunity cost.  Sure your economy return airfare to LA might only be $1500 to $2000, but how much is lost by the 26 hour return flight?  How much is your time really worth? What could be accomplished as an alternative to the travel?  Even at minimum wage it more than pays for the cost of the board room rentals. This doesn’t not even touch upon cabs, accommodation, meals etc…

If you can hook your business travel up with some fun in the sun or catch up with friends, great. If it is one of those meeting that has to be face to face, then so be it. The reality is that only those who don’t travel think it is glamorous.  Mostly its airports, cramped seating, bad food, time away from family and cold hotels.  We have many customers who have progressed from flights to renting  video room, to now buying their own video gear. Clearly, they have put a value on their time.