Change your business and customer expectations with Video Conferencing

The impact of Video Conferencing on Customer Support is a positive.

Video saturation is everywhere, from video conference rooms with multi-bridging capabilities, to desktops and smartphones with video conferencing software. Every generation of video users is more exposed to and more comfortable with video than the previous one, face-to-face with video conferencing is an increasingly integral part daily life.

The video transition is presenting great low cost opportunities for businesses to interact with customers, partners and employees in ways not possible only a few years ago. Now companies are able to give the one-on-one face time that clients and customers deserve, with out having the expense of flying client managers across the country so often.

However, finding the right video conferencing solution  presents challenges for the people who design solutions and the IT organisations that implement and support them. They will need to assess and define their needs, then address an array of technological and policy considerations in delivering video solutions to both customers and employees. What video conferencing hardware or software technologies should be used behind the scenes? What quality of service will be guaranteed for all parties involved? What video will be transmitted in high definition(HD)? How much bandwidth will be required to accommodate a large conference with many people in it, and does your company have a data limit? What will it take to connect two rooms talking to each other in addition to the people connecting to those rooms via their tablets and smartphones from around Australia?

Answering these video conferencing questions upfront will affect the operational and financial impacts of selected video solutions.  Not all systems are the same, for expert advice of what conferencing system is best for your business, please call us on 1300 369 829, or visit Video Conferencing Australia for the best price on conferencing equipment in Oz.


Be more productive with Video Conferencing

The benefits of video conferencing come in many ways which can directly and indirectly save your business time and money.

If your business, government office, non-profit organisation or company has members or employees located throughout Australia or indeed the world, video conferencing can help bridge the distance!

    1. A video conference allows everyone to meet at the same time regardless of the time zone, and more importantly without spending money on travel (or wasting your personal time sitting in an airport).
    2. In addition to the expense of having the decision makers of your organisation attend a meeting at a face to face business conference, most companies are forced to have one representative attend. They would then attempt to retain the information and travel back to the office to share with the employees the messages that were relayed at the meetings. This may cause confusion and incomplete information;  people generally only retain only a small percentage of information they are taught.
    3. Saving Time is a major benefit of video conferencing. If you were an executive and had to spend a day on the road only to have for a 2 hour meeting, that is a full day and a half of productive work lost. Instead if you have that same 2 hour meeting from your office’s video conferencing room, or even your desk computer/ipad with ClearSea, you could use that non-lost travel time accomplishing productive activities that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.
    4. The medical field benefits from video conferencing tremendously by using mobile video conferencing technology. Suppose someone needed a liver transplant, that patient would need to see their GP, a gastroenterologist, and liver transplant doctors. Before video conferencing it could take weeks before all doctor meetings were set up and attended. Now in the medical profession teams of doctors are able to meet sooner and across the country with out ever having to leave their practice via reliable video conferencing solutions.

Who uses Video Conferencing in Australia

Video conferencing is mainly used in business, government or work place settings.

It is being used more and more each year because it is now much easier to log into the video conferencing system, direct connect and start talking instead of scheduling a meeting with employees or students and reserving a date for a physical conference.

The different settings we find video conferencing is being used for:

  • Military
  • Education
  • Medical (telemedicine)
  • Administration
  • Community consultations
  • Professional Education
  • Libraries

Military uses for Video Conferencing

  1. When soldiers are over seas they tend to get homesick, and high numbers leave newborn babies behind. Most of the time, a phone call isn’t really enough. People want to SEE their family and video conferencing can make this happen.
  2. With many armories act as a meeting place, video conferencing can serve as a tool for educational purposes for the issues at hand.
  3. The Australian Government Department of Defence is tasked with the security of the commonwealth. It is important that meetings that are being planned involving our safety are done expediently. Meetings are done more efficiently by video as video conferencing allows documents to be shared and discussed.
  4. There are times when states have an emergency, be it flood, fire or cyclone. They have to prepare themselves with meetings involving more than one group of people in many different locations, some in the CBD, some in the bush. In emergency situations, it takes even more time and money to schedule flights, meetings rooms and accommodations for several groups to meet in one location.

Educational uses for Video Conferencing

  1. When video conferencing is used in education, it is much easier to have interactive communications between teacher to teacher, teacher to classroom, or even classroom to classroom with students learning in different places.
  2. Another benefit of a video conference in education is conjoining efforts. Now groups of students from different parts of the world can work as a team and share ideas and documents with one another.
  3. Contests over video conference – Schools are now able to have competitions with each other from Perth to Sydney. Spelling Bees, Talent Shows, etc.

Medical uses for Video Conferencing

    1. With video conferencing, medical students can receive top of the line training from qualified professionals who may be located at one of the top Hospitals anywhere in the World
    2. Individuals can view live procedures. Some medical students assist the surgeons on procedures. However, the benefits of video conferencing in this aspect is that it can allow for several students in multiple locations to view procedures and operations.
    3. It can allow for televised procedures to large audiences
    4. Contact with doctors and staff at different hospital or facilities

Using Video Conferencing for Administrative Duties

    1. Planning meetings for the reduction of travel costs
    2. Regional meetings for an association of companies
    3. Tutoring and Education
    4. Remote Mentoring

Using Video Conferencing in the Community

    1. MP Meetings in City Halls (or regional Buildings)
    2. Viewing important speakers
    3. Visual Updates
    4. Hearings and community consults

Using Video Conferencing in Professional Education

    1. Presentation of new facility
    2. Presentation of project to different departments simultaneously
    3. Distance Education resource and support
    4. Specialised training
    5. Present a visual graph, document or project

Using Video Conferencing in Public Libraries

    1. Resource sharing
    2. Training and Progressing
    3. Guest Speakers at Conventions
    4. Politicians, Experts, etc.
    5. Training at Seminars
    6. Field trips out of the country
    7. Visitors – virtual live interactions

Using Video Conferencing in Prison facilities

  1. G.E.D. Programs (Live teachers from college campuses)
  2. Virtual Parole Board Hearings (Reduces physical altercations from inmate upon a negative outcome)
  3. Virtual Visitation (Reduces contraband being conveyed on grounds)

The benefits of Video Conferencing come in multiple ways that can ease burdens on our business and personal lives, video conferencing save you time and money and is far greener than travel!  The cost of buying video conferencing hardware and equipment is lower and lower each year.  We have New Pricing Specials as well as ex-demo stock available for even lower prices!

Is being green a reason to choose Video Conferencing?

Go Green with VideoGenerally companies have several criteria for choosing video conferencing as solution… usually as an after thought, though rather important, is that it’s “eco-friendly”.  Most small to mid-size businesses consider the following:

  • What can we save on travel/lost productivity? This figure is as easy on to calculate ( # of airfares to a conference; minus (-) a seat license for Room Conference or Mobile Conference; equals (=) a positive $ in savings to your bottom line. Productivity is harder to measure line by line, and may fall under someone else’s budget.  However some quick factors include: lost documents, personal fatigue do to air/car transport as well as general lack of focus that can occur when having to think about time, travel and arrangements on top of thinking about the meeting.
  • Will the Equipment work on my organisations network Something that only works behind the firewall won’t work if I have a distributed or mobile workforce. Lots of companies have learned this lesson the hard way. Several solutions are available, both in room and mobile. We have partnered with LifeSize certified technicians to assist.
  • What can people do with the Video Conferencing? If you are running team meetings, you may be able to use a less robust system, such as a Soft Phone of ClearSea mobile.  If you will be connecting to global locations for big-audience marketing webinars or high priority investor meetings, a room solution may work best. As a general video conferencing unit rule of thumb: form should follow function.
  • Oh, is Video Conferencing green…? There are multiple environmental advantages to conducting a ‘virtual’ face-to-face meeting: less travel (less flight & less time in traffic is less greenhouse gas emissions), reduced costs for printing meeting handouts (digital, cloud-based and screen sharing documents reduces waste and saves your printer) and other small yet noticeable savings to your bottom line.

Video Connected World

Not all video conferencing equipment is the same, and there is not a one solution fits all.  If you any questions on the right budget conferencing hardware to fit your business; visit us at: or call 1300 369 829.

Video Conferencing Australia is an exclusive low cost supplier of video conferencing and teleconferencing hardware in Australia. We are Australian based and proudly serve Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Alice Springs and Hobart as well as the whole of New Zealand.

How Video Conferencing Increases Business Productivity

How Can Video Conferencing Increase My Business’ Productivity? (Bonus: it’s now affordable, too.)

The days of video conferencing hardware being affordable only to ASX listed and gobal corporations has long past.  It is now more affordable than ever to buy and even self-install video conferencing equipment; in fact with the explosion of video conferencing software you can even conduct an HD video meeting via your iPad/iPhone or any Android device (see: LifeSize ClearSea for free trial). Video Conferencing is a tool that can be leveraged to gain huge increases in productivity and profitability regardless of the size of your business.

3 Ways Video Conferencing Boosts Business Productivity

(1) Sick Days

FluSeasonOften very costly to a company in several ways.  The lost productivity is the most obvious negative, however there is always that one co-worker who refuses to yield to the sickness and they drag around the office, hacking and sneezing… That’s when an entire office could experience an ‘outbreak.’  This can leave a company reeling, and a decline in productivity means a decrease in customer satisfaction and overall revenue; this is extremely dangerous for smaller businesses, whole departments could be off-line for days.

Video Conferencing enables employees to work from home and still conduct face to face meetings with there healthy co-workers. Employees can recover faster, without prolonging their illness by trying to come into work while they’re sick. (And if you’re suspect of there illness, for those less trustworthy in your employ, you can see ‘how they are doing’ first hand.)

(2) Travel and daily traffic

sydneytrafficWhether you work in the CBD of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or in the bush, all drive time, sitting in traffic and air time to fly to meetings in other CBD’s, is lost time and lost money.  Not only is it a productivity killer, but it also costs the company petrol, flights, hotels and parking fees.  Instead use video conferencing to eliminate unnecessary travel, this way you can still have a face to face meeting with your client.  Video conferencing may not replace all in-person meetings, sometimes you do need to actually be there, but at least you’ll have a cost effect alternative. In our experience video conferencing can be used to eliminate 30% or 40% of costly, inefficient and often times unnecessary travel.

(3) Personal Connections

video-conferencing-meetingHave you had a teleconference call not knowing at all what the people on the other end look like? Did you try to ‘Google’ or ‘FaceBook’ them prior? Were you every worried how they were reacting to what you’re saying to them?  Communications experts say 90% of what we say is non verbal.  People naturally create a closer connection to somebody they can hear AND see.  Video conferencing is a great way to create a lasting image with a customer or prospect, additionally you’ll be able to read their face to see if your pitch is working or if a change in strategy is needed to make the sale.

The bottom line is that Video conferencing helps you connect on a more personal level with clients and co-workers in other offices. It cuts travelling costs tremendously for your business, while doing your part to lower your carbon footprint.  Take a look at our Low cost Video Conferencing hardware and software that might fit your business.  If you have any questions on what system could work for you, we invite you to call us toll free on 1300 369 829 or Live Chat with us via the website.

Video Conferencing Australia ~ Budget Conferencing Equipment

Why Video Conferencing Right for Your Business

ImageAs HD video conferencing technology continues to improve and becomes less and less expensive (see our specials), there is an increasing push for businesses to integrate video conferencing. You may only be familiar with what video conferencing is by way of Skype or FaceTime, which are great options for personal use, but may not necessarily be secure for conducting business, and are usually limited to single parties.  You may be hesitant to upgrade your offices to include this video conferencing equipment without knowing how it could help you save time, money and lower your businesses carbon footprint. In order to assist you in choosing whether or not to purchase a video conferencing system for your business, take a moment to consider the following information and how it might apply to your business’ specific situation.

Better Communication Between Offices

If your business has multiple offices, you may be used to teleconferencing between offices,  or having regional meetings in which office managers have to travel to a specific location to take part. Often there will an itinerary which must be distributed, meaning it will have to be prepared before the meeting and e-mail’d beforehand… this means that you have to put a lot of extra preparation into your meetings, which ultimatly ends up costing you more time and money. Think of how much could be saved if you were able to have most of your meetings via video, with all parties connecting their offices (video room – via HD Video conferencing equipment), sitting at their desks (PC/Mac via Video Conferencing Software) or now even their mobile devices (iPad/iPhone/Android via LifeSize ClearSea) with all relevant information shared on the screen among all people at the different locations. Video conferencing can allow you to set up a video system just about anywhere people will take part in the conference, letting them see and hear the points raised by the other offices as well as any material that you choose to display within the meeting. All without travel or excessive preparation beforehand, each time the equipment is used it ends up paying for itself, in addition the your time and fossil fuels that are saved!

Dealing with Partners, Investors, Clients

ImageJust as video conferencing can assist your business with inter-office meetings and improve teleconferencing, it can also make dealing with business partners, investors, and client opportunities much easier. Especially if those parties are located off shore or have a business office that is in a different CBD than your own. By taking advantage of video conferencing you can discuss important business matters without having to schedule meetings and then arrange travel for you or your partners or investors. Not only will this save you time and allow you to have full access to your business materials, but it will also greatly save on the various expenses associated with travel, lodging, meals, etc…

The Future is already here

Another consideration that may influence your decision to incorporate video conferencing is that a large number of other businesses are already using this technology. The price of video conferencing equipment has been halved in recent years and continues to goes down, yet the quality of transmission continues to improve.  More and more companies are using this technology to handle meetings and day-to-day business, in this global business landscape it is truly a positive bottom line business desision. The likelihood will increase that you’ll be required to upgrade your current communication to keep in step and connected. By switching to video conferencing sooner rather than later, you can help to keep your business on the cutting edge and ensure that you will be able to meet the needs of your employees, partners, investors and clients without having to struggle to keep up later on.

For the best prices on Video Conferencing Equipment in Australia, visit order on-line 24/7 and live chat or call us on 1300 369 829 to discuss the best harware or software solution for your business.

About Video Conferencing Australia

ImageAustralian owned and operated, we proudly serve the Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide CBDs as well as all of regional Australia and the whole of New Zealand.

Video Conferencing Australia is an exclusive low cost supplier of video conferencing equipment in Australia. Since opening we have quickly become the preferred supplier of organisations seeking a high quality, low cost solution to their video conferencing hardware needs. We are a LifeSize certified partner, and work with LifeSize certified technical professionals to help you install and service your video conferencing equipment.

We have well-established relationships with local Australian video conferencing equipment suppliers and distributors; which enables us to bring you the Best possible pricing.  By purchasing locally with Video Conferencing Australia, you are able to ‘cut-out the middle man’ and get the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible price.

How to Have a Successful Video Conference

Video conferencing is becoming one of the most cost effective means of communication in businesses. It allows people to connect and interact easily and conveniently anytime, anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a video conference call in the privacy of your office, on your computer at home, or on your Mobile Device,  stay professional by avoiding these video conferencing faux pas:

Pebble WatchWatch: wear one… Early is on time, on time is late. Be professional, don’t ever be late. Time is money, especially for video conferencing, when a room hire is being utilised.   A main selling point to using video conferencing over traditional ‘business travel’ is to save time and money in the first place.  You’re partners are most likely living in different time zones or countries and video conferencing is the only convenient and cost effective way for both parties to meet. Being punctual speaks of your seriousness towards the meeting and your respect to those who are involved.


Listen to your volume… If you are on a teleconference or video conference there’s nothing worse than a loud person on the other end. No shouting, please.  Remember to talk calmly and act normal during video conferences, just because the peson you are talking with may be physically 2000 kilometers away, they should be talked with as if they are standing in the same room. When it seems like the connection is getting bad, compose yourself and never raise your voice just to be heard, talking louder will have no effect on bettering the connection.  It may be human instinct, or a leftover effect speaking on old telephone lines that give your subconscience the felling that ‘if I yell louder, they’ll be able to hear me,’ but on a video conference this will do more harm than good. It’s best to inform the other person about the situation and wait for the connection to stabilise on it’s own. If it’s still doesn’t work, try ending the conference and re-connecting, this should clear the cache and refresh the IP.

Listen to the background…  Noises like the sound of the traffic, your colleagues’ chit chats, and even background music can really get in the way of a meaningful video conference. Choose a spot where you can clearly hear the person or persons on the other line. Isolate yourself if you have to. You’d most likely not have an in person meeting in the middle of the street, busy commissary or club, same rules apply to video conferencing.

ImageWatch your body language… One of the best reasons to have a video conference over a  standard teleconference in the first place, it to really be able to tell what others are thinking, just as if you were having a face-to-face meeting in the same room. Body language tells so much about your interest in the conversation or your lack thereof. Be sure to exuding positivity through the movements of your body, don’t do it it excessively. Too much hand, head, and body movement can be distracting, and on slower internet speed connections, the frame-rates may slow and the image may appear pixel’d . A lag in the connection can be unavoidable, so you would not want to create extra annoyance by constantly moving too much and looking really awkward when lag happens. Lean forward to show interest, don’t slouch, and always be wary of your facial expressions as well. Talking through video is just as good as talking in person, and requires the same etiquette.

ImageWatch what you wear… Like any other face-to-face meeting, video conferencing requires you to be dressed for the occasion. Basic techniques in dressing up to appear good in a video include wearing light colors and avoiding prints, patterns or thin stripes. For ladies, avoid low neckline and wearing too many accessories or too much make-up. Look clean and tidy enough with fixed hair and unwrinkled shirt. You would want people to listen to you, not be distracted by a less than professional appearance… At least from the waist up (what’s on camera), thanks to LifeSize video conferencing equipment in today’s virtual meetings pants are optional. #SmartVideo

Watch your background… Make sure that what’s behind you isn’t distracting to the eyes, out doors is excellent, but be aware of your environments background noise.  If this is an issue, mute often, best to only open your mic when speaking.  Most software based video conferencing applications (using iPhone/iPad/Android) allow icon based mute function on screen, if you are sitting at a PC/Mac, your keyboard should allow you to self mute easily. If you are in an office setting, avoid white boards or anything with text as a background, or a view of the rest of the office where people are walking around. If you are taking the call from home, don’t let a messy pile of clothes or books be an attention grabber. A view of the garden or the simple bookshelf in the study room are good enough to make you look organized and still professional even when you’re video conferencing outside the office, using software such as LifeSize ClearSea.


I’ve got video conferencing equipment. Now What…?

Your company has purchased Video Conferencing Equipment, it is a great way to save time, money and the planet… But what do you do once you have the hardware? What are the best ways to use your new video conferencing equipment?

ClearSea Free Mobile Video Conferencing

1. If you purchased from us you will have access to Free Mobile Video Conferencing with ClearSea.  Allowing co-workers and clients to have a high quality video conference from their iPad, iPhone or any Android phone/tablet! (Also works on PC & Mac)

2. Depending on the video conferencing hardware you have, your device may be able to access others using Skype or MicroSoft Lync. The best example of this is the LifeSize UVC Multipoint (Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition)

Chorus Call Video Room

3. One of the lesser known services available as an alternative to travel is video conferencing room hire.  There are multiple video conferencing room hire locations throughout Australia that can connect your conference to most any where in the world.  We have partnered with Chorus Call Australia for this service. Their offices have video enabled board rooms that are listed on various local and international aggregator web sites, as well as promoted to all local community and customers.

With Australia suffering the “tyranny of distance” (Anyone who has done the LA or London flights knows exactly what I am talking about) the option of using high definition video conferencing is very attractive.

How much is Your Time Worth?

Lets look at the economics of the decisions:

Renting a site in Los Angeles will cost about $250 per hour, with the same cost here in Australia. Remember to always look for IP transmission capable rooms and the cost of transmission should be included in the cost of the room.   If your meeting goes for 2 hours, total incremental cost of the solution is $1000.  On the face of it this looks a bit expensive, but people forget to look at the opportunity cost.  Sure your economy return airfare to LA might only be $1500 to $2000, but how much is lost by the 26 hour return flight?  How much is your time really worth? What could be accomplished as an alternative to the travel?  Even at minimum wage it more than pays for the cost of the board room rentals. This doesn’t not even touch upon cabs, accommodation, meals etc…

If you can hook your business travel up with some fun in the sun or catch up with friends, great. If it is one of those meeting that has to be face to face, then so be it. The reality is that only those who don’t travel think it is glamorous.  Mostly its airports, cramped seating, bad food, time away from family and cold hotels.  We have many customers who have progressed from flights to renting  video room, to now buying their own video gear. Clearly, they have put a value on their time.