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Could your business benefit from video conferencing?

Consider today’s work flow and how video can expedite decision making, help you to communicate with more people, maintain employee engagement, facilitate training with disparate teams and more.


Who outside of my organisation can use this?

 The answer: anyone with whom you interact with. HD video collaboration replicates in-person meetings, so you can extend the technology to anyone, such as your supply chain, customers, partners and suppliers, just to name a few. With the invention of mobile and desktop video conferencing software solutions, you are now able to connect to anyone with a mobile phone, iPad, PC or Mac.

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Ask yourself:

Do you have remote or mobile users who need to communicate with others in meeting rooms?

Would your organisation benefit from the recording and streaming of meetings?

If the answer is Yes, contact us on 1300 369 829 to discuss a video conferencing solution for your business.  Save time, money and go green.

We offer videoconferencing solutions by LifeSizeAvaya Video and Aver.

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Business Communication Maximised with Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a great supplement to Travel

The ability to communicate, collaborate and share information face-to-face with your clients, employees and colleagues is getting faster and easier with Video Conferencing Hardware(video room) and Video Conferencing Software (iPad/iPhone/PC). LifeSize standards-based video conferencing solutions enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to affordably communicate anywhere, anytime, with anyone, in real time, regardless of location, and are are scalable up to HD (720) and  full HD (1080). Their high quality video conferencing units offer most organisations a  path to cutting travel costs and most importantly, saving time and increasing productivity. The ability to meet effectively and regularly can have a significant impact on an organisation’s productivity.

Real Time Video Collaboration: Now you see what I see.

Video Conferencing and document sharingVideo conferencing is not just about seeing the person face-to-face, it is really about sharing information. Both LifeSize and the lower cost AVer conferencing systems have the ability to share content in real time.  Applications and documents can be shared, allowing complex information to be communicated quickly and efficiently. We have all been on standard teleconference calls where we try to describe an error in a formula within a spreadsheet, or try to describe the line of a document each part is looking at, either hard-copy or in an email… at times it becomes difficult, if not impossible to know if the person on the other end of the call is truly seeing, or more importantly understanding what you are saying. Collaborating with video conferencing in real-time leads to more effective communications and an increase in staff productivity, the quicker everyone is on the same page, the faster things get done.

Video Conferencing is a Cost Effective Solution

Videoconferencing over travel, go greenThe cost of an effective video conferencing solution can be offset against the savings made on travel expenses, with the added benefit of being a Green eco-friendly option. Video Conferencing Australia has the technical expertise and flexibility of working across multiple manufactures (LifeSize, Aver, Polycom, Radvision) and can provide excellent savings on infrastructure and implementation. The strategy and development behind VCA’s conferencing systems focus on ease of implementation, ease of use, high video quality and delivering a high level of service.  We offer a range of support, and will soon be announcing video conferencing renting: a true lease-to-own video conferencing solution for small to medium size businesses who are seeking high quality video conferencing hardware packages at the lowest possible prices.

Regardless of the video conference equipment you choose, connecting is as easy as dialling an IP number, choosing a location from a list on the screen, or simply clicking a link.  With most hardware and software solutions, you do not need to worry about the technical details, just focus on getting the job done.

Should a problem occur with any item purchased form Video Conferencing Australia Help is just a phone call away. We are available toll free on 1300 369 829. You will be able to seek support from VCA easily and quickly to help; for additional information on our support (Click Here); for LifeSize AMS details including renewals or equipment recertification (Click Here).

One Earth, Go Green with Video ConferencingVideo Conferencing is the future of communication and business and is becoming increasingly important in this global economy and ever flattening landscape.

Why Video Conferencing Right for Your Business

ImageAs HD video conferencing technology continues to improve and becomes less and less expensive (see our specials), there is an increasing push for businesses to integrate video conferencing. You may only be familiar with what video conferencing is by way of Skype or FaceTime, which are great options for personal use, but may not necessarily be secure for conducting business, and are usually limited to single parties.  You may be hesitant to upgrade your offices to include this video conferencing equipment without knowing how it could help you save time, money and lower your businesses carbon footprint. In order to assist you in choosing whether or not to purchase a video conferencing system for your business, take a moment to consider the following information and how it might apply to your business’ specific situation.

Better Communication Between Offices

If your business has multiple offices, you may be used to teleconferencing between offices,  or having regional meetings in which office managers have to travel to a specific location to take part. Often there will an itinerary which must be distributed, meaning it will have to be prepared before the meeting and e-mail’d beforehand… this means that you have to put a lot of extra preparation into your meetings, which ultimatly ends up costing you more time and money. Think of how much could be saved if you were able to have most of your meetings via video, with all parties connecting their offices (video room – via HD Video conferencing equipment), sitting at their desks (PC/Mac via Video Conferencing Software) or now even their mobile devices (iPad/iPhone/Android via LifeSize ClearSea) with all relevant information shared on the screen among all people at the different locations. Video conferencing can allow you to set up a video system just about anywhere people will take part in the conference, letting them see and hear the points raised by the other offices as well as any material that you choose to display within the meeting. All without travel or excessive preparation beforehand, each time the equipment is used it ends up paying for itself, in addition the your time and fossil fuels that are saved!

Dealing with Partners, Investors, Clients

ImageJust as video conferencing can assist your business with inter-office meetings and improve teleconferencing, it can also make dealing with business partners, investors, and client opportunities much easier. Especially if those parties are located off shore or have a business office that is in a different CBD than your own. By taking advantage of video conferencing you can discuss important business matters without having to schedule meetings and then arrange travel for you or your partners or investors. Not only will this save you time and allow you to have full access to your business materials, but it will also greatly save on the various expenses associated with travel, lodging, meals, etc…

The Future is already here

Another consideration that may influence your decision to incorporate video conferencing is that a large number of other businesses are already using this technology. The price of video conferencing equipment has been halved in recent years and continues to goes down, yet the quality of transmission continues to improve.  More and more companies are using this technology to handle meetings and day-to-day business, in this global business landscape it is truly a positive bottom line business desision. The likelihood will increase that you’ll be required to upgrade your current communication to keep in step and connected. By switching to video conferencing sooner rather than later, you can help to keep your business on the cutting edge and ensure that you will be able to meet the needs of your employees, partners, investors and clients without having to struggle to keep up later on.

For the best prices on Video Conferencing Equipment in Australia, visit order on-line 24/7 and live chat or call us on 1300 369 829 to discuss the best harware or software solution for your business.

About Video Conferencing Australia

ImageAustralian owned and operated, we proudly serve the Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide CBDs as well as all of regional Australia and the whole of New Zealand.

Video Conferencing Australia is an exclusive low cost supplier of video conferencing equipment in Australia. Since opening we have quickly become the preferred supplier of organisations seeking a high quality, low cost solution to their video conferencing hardware needs. We are a LifeSize certified partner, and work with LifeSize certified technical professionals to help you install and service your video conferencing equipment.

We have well-established relationships with local Australian video conferencing equipment suppliers and distributors; which enables us to bring you the Best possible pricing.  By purchasing locally with Video Conferencing Australia, you are able to ‘cut-out the middle man’ and get the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible price.

Working From Home

ImageMonday to Friday millions of us file like so many ants from our suburban homes into the concrete jungle of the CBD, almost every car on the road containing one lonely individual accompanied only by the inane dribbling’s of the breakfast radio presenters.

As scooter riders, my wife and I like to think that we are making a small contribution to reducing our impact on the planet; imagine if 10,000 Brisbanites were no longer compelled to drive to the CBD for even 1 day of the working week, surely that would be a good thing.

As with every change there are winners and losers, the losers in this scenario would be the coffee shops and lunch bars, petrol companies and transport companies amongst others. The winners would be the environment and the people who get to work from home, and of course people in the communications industry.

Technology today makes working from home a breeze, internet, the cloud, video conferencing from desktops or mobile devices and telephone conferencing all available at the drop of a hat to make sure that there is no lack of communication. There is no reason to expect a drop in productivity when working from home but it will require a massive change in mindset from company managers who still have a “bums on seats” mentality.

There are of course things to be aware of, such as OH & S measures and insurance liabilities, the employer still has a duty to provide a safe working environment even when the place of work is at home, is the cost of this going to deter employers or is it just another cost of doing business. Employees also have a responsibility to make sure that the environment they are working in at home is appropriate.

On the whole a great idea with many benefits to workers, employers and the environment and don’t forget if you are working from home and need to have a telephone conference or video conference, low cost equipment is now available: – Your home for budget conferencing equipment.

Mobile and desktop video collaboration is exploding in

iPad Video Conferencing

LifeSize ClearSea Mobile Video Conferencing

Mobile and desktop video collaboration is exploding in the business world. According to Gartner, by 2015, over 200 million workers globally will run corporate-supplied video conferencing from their desktops. Additionally, with the growth of smartphones and tablets surpassing PCs, the demand has never been higher for a video collaboration solution that delivers mobile and desktop access so you can work anytime, anywhere.

Even though we all know that mobile video conferencing is the latest buzzword, you may be wondering if it really is a useful business tool and not just a fun toy for your employees to play with. We have compiled five unique ways that your company can maximize its investment in mobile video conferencing technology.


Work Anywhere with Video Conferencing!

How To Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Video Calling Solution

1. Extend video capabilities to everyone: customers, vendors, partners, interview candidates and more. HD video collaboration has come a long way since its early days, and now mobile video collaboration is accessible to nearly anyone with an Internet connection or a mobile device. New products, like LifeSize UVC ClearSea, allow for unlimited, free guest invitations, so you can truly maximize your investment by utilizing video for every meeting. The more you use video inside and outside of your organization, the more ROI you will experience from your investment.

2. Think outside the box when it comes to where you can connect: Mobile video conferencing isn’t just for road warriors. Typical 9-to-5 office workers can benefit from the technology as well. Your employees will appreciate the flexibility that video conferencing provides, since they can now join meetings from anywhere, anytime. If they need to work from home to wait for the cable guy or sit in the waiting room during their son’s orthodontist appointment, they don’t have to miss an important meeting. Equip all of your knowledge workers with mobile video conferencing and you will be amazed at how productive they can be.

3. Allow employees to “BYOD”: Unlike certain consumer-grade video conferencing products, LifeSize UVC ClearSea can run on PCs, Macs and more than 50 Android and iOS devices. Through a BYOD program, your staff can use their own personal devices to collaborate (which can save you a bundle on purchasing company-provided devices).

4. Sync your mobile video solution with all of your devices. Features like “ring all” allow you to sync your mobile video conferencing solution with your desktop PC, tablet and smartphone. So, when someone calls you, all of your devices ring simultaneously (ensuring you never miss an important call). Again, this helps ensure more usage by employees which will help build a video culture to maximize your investment.

5. Don’t skimp on quality. It may be tempting to invest in a consumer-grade video conferencing product for your organization due to its low cost, but in the long run, this decision will actually result in less usage across your staff (due to the often poor performance of these solutions). An HD, enterprise-class mobile video solution is the right choice if you are looking for a professional way to communicate with important business colleagues.

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